World of Chimera Basics

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World of Chimera Basics

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As part of Chimera it is required that you as a human or a Chimera to follow the rules and regulations setforth. This world is centered around the lower Florida area in the Flordia Keys, Miami, Orlando. There are many venues, hotspots, beaches, and a variety of activities one can enjoy in this tropical locale. Leading the movement and rise of Chimera is Genetic Corporations, a medical scientific research firm that has researched and developed the genetic altering drug Chimera.

Character BG and Info- Within the initial introductions of your character it is required for you to list a detailed background of your character(s) which include a list format showing your character(s) name, age, sex, residence, occupation, Chimera Species w/ generation, personality and interests, relationship status and lastly a background. If available it is recommended that you include a picture link to your character so others know what your character(s) looks like.
  • -Name-
    -Relationship Status(Single/Married/In a Relationship)
    -Species/Chimera Generation-
    -Background Info-
-Live and have fun-Being part of this diverse and unique new world of Chimera is suppose to be a new experience. Humans share the world with Chimera with a majority having been human before becoming a Chimera so play nice. Build your home, make friends, build relationships, possibly start a family.

-Know what is Right from Wrong-No explicit/vulgar posts which includes illegal activities.

-Don't be an A**- If you are to build a relationship as either a friend or more with another member's character please know that member is allowing their character to be used in this world and they have their own personality and background. So don't be putting their character(s) into situations where it is plain not them and doesn't meet their interests. If you are to use a character owned by another member please kindly ask to use their character. If they refuse, please be mature and understanding and move on,there is someone else out there that might be interested in your character or you.

-Think realistically what would be viewed as possible in this world as in reality. There is some aspects of anime that is acceptable but again think realistically. Another exception is the use of knockoff Chimera via the black market. There is illegal knockoff Chimera drugs that are on the black market that can produce even more species and hybrids however there is quite a number of risks involved mainly in adverse mutations that can prove fatal. A few might be good but others might be bad and becomes a curse. One good example would be the creation of the mythical Naga or Gryphon. One bad reaction example would be an aquatic chimera lossing the ability to breath air.

-Genetic Barriers-In the world of Chimera, the amount of animal traits and features is based on the saturation of the Chimera drug within the individuals genetics. Individuals within Gen 3 can have custom designed Chimera drugs where it specifically targets certain parts of the genetic structure which alters the physical appearence in one area but not another.
  • 10%-Eye change and gain of natural instincts
    25%-Ears,Tail and possible light skin change and skeletal restructuring
    50%-Growth of fur or complete skin change, substantial skeletal reconstructing
    75%-Further physical restructuring *risk of adverse mutations significantly rises*
    80%-Digi-grade legs *Max limit for legalally designed Chimera by Gene-corps.*
    90%-Feral/Loss of up-right stance and speech *death highly possible*

-Creativity- Feel free to espress yourself but do it in a tasteful manner.

-To Serve and Protect-Within the world of Chimera is the standard law enforcement such as the Police and other government agencies. To keep Chimera specific crime under control is the Chimera Enforcement Agency that has Agents, Investigators and Enforcers that are specifically trained and dedicated in searching out and apprehending chimera criminals which also includes humans who bring harm to Chimeras. Enforcers are highly trained and patrol the streets as with the police officers. Agents are the detectives and are usually undercover as they gather information on illegal activities. Investigators are the CSI, they study a crime scene and find who committed the crime and the type of Chimera that performed it.

-What are you?-There are three generations of Chimera

Generation 1-the prototype/research generation where Chimera was given to service members and a select few volunteers in medical trials to give them animal abilities and traits. It is based on specific genetic markers that the drug targets and each person is different in what they'll become. Physically this generation isn't a permanent chimera so after a short time period that could last a month, they turn back to their human form and to change they must reinject themselves with the Chimera drug.

Generation 2-Given to the civilian population as a permanent physical change after successful trials with a small selection of species available which include species such as Wolves and Foxes for Canines and some cats. The so-called kemonomimi's being the prevalent type of Chimera within this generation.

Generation 3-Fully permanent and highly popular chimeras are here and this generation has a vast amount of species a individual can be with more species being researched and made available. Custom designed chimeras fall into this generation same with some hybrids

Generation 3X-A subcategory of Gen 3 where the black market chimeras are grouped depending on physical appearence and if they are registered with the Genecorps. Chimera database.


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